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I accepted Ishizaki for looking out for me like this, something he usually didn’t do.

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I parted ways with Ishizaki and Ibuki, and headed towards the mall entrance.

When I first met Ishizaki, I never thought that I would be able to hold this sort of conversation with him.

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Although my relationship with Ibuki might’ve regressed, it was still at least a change.

“It’s been a year already…”

The circumstances around me had changed drastically over the year.

I could even hold conversations with Ryuuen and Sakayanagi.

Not to mention the many other students as well.

It may have only been one year, but it was a whole year.

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This was evidence that time was indeed passing.

I didn’t really get it before, but I feel like I’ve gained an understanding of the concept of time passing.

Speaking of which, this reminds me of what happened last year.

The time before I came to Advanced Nurturing high school. To prevent anyone from finding out about what I planned to do, I quietly got on with life.

I experienced small tastes of feelings I had never felt before. Especially when trying to not provoke that man… I tried my best to hide it from that person.

Because I knew that if I was discovered by that man, he would definitely stop me.