Make a photo book online

Make a photo book online

“Looks very crowded.”

“Is this your first time here after school too? Oh, right. You’re always alone.”

“Was that meant to be sarcasm? Childish.”

It was only a joke, but as usual, Horikita verbally insulted me.

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After ordering, we got our drinks. I ordered pancakes.

“Do you like sweet foods?”

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“I just wanted to eat pancakes.”

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I didn’t particularly like or dislike them, but I just made up a plausible reason.

“There aren’t any seats…”

“I guess we’ll have to wait a bit. Oh, nevermind, there are seats over there.”

Having noticed two girls get up from their seats, I quickly secured the table. I let Horikita pass to the far side of the table. Putting my bag down on the ground, I sat down and looked around casually.

“Hey, I just realized. If someone looked at us from afar, we would look like a couple… not.”

Horikita’s face was expressionless and frigid like always. Feeling nervous from the crowded surroundings, my stomach started to hurt.

I overheard the two girls next to us say “Let’s go” while holding drinks in their hands.