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They were flattened in less than 15 minutes! Their bases were taken directly without exterminating the three lanes, farming, or even taking the dragon.

In fact, the game could be extended if the DGE Club played casually. However, Jiang Huan was obviously a firm person. He held respect for his opponents so he went all out and flattened them quickly. The results were that both leaders were confused.

Zhang Yuan was confused as well. His opponents were professionals; they might not have formed the team too long ago, but they were also the crème de la crème. How could they be beaten so easily?

Team Leader Su was confused as well. Yes, could the members of my team be fake crème de la crème? Was I fooled?

Why couldn’t they even retaliate? Obviously, there were also huge differences between pros. Those teams that dominated in the secondary leagues were all experienced and led the match by the nose. Five pros could only be beaten by regulars if they did not have good tactics and cooperation. Zhang Yuan said at the beginning, for Team One to go all out.

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Therefore, Jiang Huan used all sorts of tactics. The players from H4 in the high-end ranking had never seen such tactics. They felt that their knowledge of the entire game had been overthrown.

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They were beaten 0-5 at the start. All their wild areas were lost, and they quickly lost their fighting spirit. In the end, they struggled symbolically, but it all went down the drain.

In short, the final headcount was fixed at 0 – 14. That was in the situation where Team One was thinking about having a quick fight without killing unnecessarily.

Zhang Yuan could not say anything either. He couldn’t possibly say ‘Sorry, my team played too seriously. I’ll get them to play less seriously in the next game’, right?

Team Leader Su coughed awkwardly. “Captain Zhang, erm, the gap between our teams seems to be too big. Our club had just been formed after all. To ensure the training effect do you want to change to... Team Two?”

Team Leader Su understood now. The five on the opposite team were simply not humans. Their gaps were so big that there was a need to continue the mock competition. There would not be any training effect if they continued this way. It would only make the confidence of the players collapse and start doubting their lives.

If it was Team Two...

It seemed like they were physically stronger than Team One so they should be much worse?