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On the other hand, Specter Blacksmith was a rather unpopular support. It could switch between specter and physical forms. It could passively add money and experience to a teammate. Its ultimate move was to temporarily allow a teammate to enter a specter state, immune to physical damage, reduce the time that they were controlled, and increase their movement speed.

However, the problem was that this hero was relatively cumbersome. He did not have any displacement skills nor did he consume any skills. His hands were especially short. As a support, it would be very difficult for him to go to the bottom line in the early stage since he might die.

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These two heroes were quite common in the game of passerby. However, in the professional arena, because the intensity of the early stages was worrying, choosing them would mean losing all the tempo in the early stages, so basically no one played it.

FRY’s coach had also known about FV Team before and knew that these two heroes were FV Team’s unique skills. That was why he had always eliminated them.

Now that he thought about it, it would be too difficult to play the game if the version of the hero was taken away. He might as well play the other two.

FRY’s coach estimated that the other party would not be able to take both. That was because if they took both, they would not be able to play the game anymore since the bottom lane and the early stages of the jungle would be completely destroyed. Even if they wanted to complete the job, they would have to wait until the later stages.

Even if the other party took one, FRY would at least be able to obtain an advantage along the way. As long as they had the advantage in the early stages and the lineup was not too problematic, they could only say that they were not as good as the other party. There was nothing to be depressed about.

Thus, after some consideration, he decided to release these two heroes.

As FRY had predicted, FV Team did not snatch any of the two heroes. Instead, they took the Ancient Lava Tree.

This hero had appeared before. He was very straightforward and had control skills. However, no matter how one looked at it, it was not worth snatching it. After all, it was just an accessory. It was impossible to match its lineup.

“Did you choose a jack-of-all-trades top laner first because you don’t want to expose your tactical intentions?”

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“Or is it because Wings of the Blade and Chaos Misfortune have been eliminated, so there are no heroes worth snatching?”

FRY’s coach did not understand what it meant to snatch an Ancient Lava Tree because the priority of choosing such a hero was not high.

This meant that FRY would be able to get two of the heroes they wanted since FV snatched this hero.

FRY’s coach immediately directed the opponent to lock down the mid-laner and bottom-laner heroes that they are very confident with. These two heroes were rather valuable and had decent stats. The players’ proficiency was also very high. They basically had no natural enemies.

On FV Team’s side, they chose the more functional shooter, as well as the living hero, Specter Blacksmith.

When the first three heroes were selected, they felt like they were three tools. They did not know who to make as the lead.