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He laughed heartily while speaking of his heroic tales.

「Tens of thousands of people?」

Isn’t that a little too exaggerated?

「It is all true! In all my life, I have never lied!」

He patted me on the back and continued on.

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「While I was wandering around every corner of the world, I met a certain swordsman at the Principality of Teresia. He was a young man with a slender build, but his swordsmanship was terrifyingly sharp. Even after cutting at each other for three days and three nights without a rest, we never reached a conclusion. Even now when I close my eyes, I can remember it like it happened just yesterday. I really enjoyed that sword fight.」

On par with prime Bacchus-san… It seems that this swordsman was at an unbelievable “height”.

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「After that, we became friends and traveled together for a while. He said he was looking for “strong companions” to accomplish his “ambition”. He was a strange man who knew about all sorts of things for his age. And I heard various stories from him during our travels such as the hermit of time, the 100 Million Year button, the transcendents, and also about phantom beasts and demons. Well, in other words, all the things I just told you were something that my friend told me about.」

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Bacchus-san concluded the conversation with that.

「I see. Was that so? 150 years ago would mean that your friend has passed away, right?」

I thought this was the chance to learn about the hermit of time and the 100 Million Year button that have been shrouded in mystery up to now, but…

(Logically speaking, there’s no way humans can live up to 200 years like Bacchus-san.)

And when I dropped my shoulders dejectedly,

「Nope, he’s still alive. I haven’t got to see him lately, but sometimes he sends me some “unsettling news”.」