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Why is online posting to make money?

Words I heard from the mouth of Tre’ainar, who was watching from the corner of the ring. Four hands? What does that mean?

No, that’s not the point...

“What’s wrong...?”

Machio had not moved even a single step, he was holding the center.

And yet, I felt some kind of pressure as if being squeezed somehow.

And the problem was those two hands.

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I wasn’t sure what it was, but...... my instinct was telling me that those hands were abnormally “dangerous”. Don’t get caught.


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I haven’t done anything yet, and I was about to be overwhelmed.

So I started by calming myself down.

Normally, you would be left defenseless by doing this in the middle of a fight, but since Machio didn’t seem to be making a move on me, I was able to do it without problems.