Is online part-time typing make money?

Is online part-time typing make money?

This article had only been published for less than an hour, but it already had tens of thousands of views and hundreds of comments. What’s more, it was still rapidly increasing.

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Qi Yan took a look and felt that this author’s name was very familiar. She flipped through his previous article and realized that this was actually the author who wrote “Cold-Faced Lady’s so-called internet thinking is nothing but an act”!

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The previous article was written before the Cold-Faced Lady closed down. It was a perfect last hit.

The words “Meng Chang is like a child sitting in the passenger seat of a car, posing as if he was driving, thinking that he was in control of the direction of the car and collecting money from the passengers as the driver. However, in fact, whether it was the car or the road, they were not in his control.” It could be said to be a killing blow to the cold-faced lady’s heart at that time.

At that time, Qi Yan had read the article and was very impressed by the author.

At that time, Cold-Faced Lady looked like she was doing well, but there was already an undercurrent.

It definitely had many problems, but not everyone could see them clearly.

Not only could the author of this article see the root of the Cold-Faced Lady’s problem, but he could also use such easy-to-understand terms and apt analogy to convey these contents to others. He was definitely an expert.

This time, he actually wrote another article about the Cold-Faced Lady.

What would the article say this time?

The cold-faced lady was already dead. If this author was only announcing his foresight and adding insult to injury, there was no need for this article.

Confused, Qi Yan clicked on the article.