Baking know how to make money online

Baking know how to make money online

However, bothering with every nuisance anymore would be particularly troublesome.

To begin with, that woman got away...... Or should I give up on the 50,000 and think about how to manage with the remaining 30,000?

“Bastard, you’re gonna regret this! You’ve turned the most dangerous man in the empire, the one person you shouldn’t, into an enemy!”

“Ah, yes, yes... I’m so scared, so I’ll be going now.”

Can you keep company with a gang member forever?

First of all, simple daily necessities and food... and then, money of course. It’s money after all, isn’t it?

“Hey, hey! Really, don’t go! The boss, our Big Bro, he’ll be here soon! And when Bro arrives, he’ll...”

At first, I was thinking about buying and selling treasure on the cheap in this town, but, in the first place, it doesn’t seem that treasures are easily mixed in.

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No, Tre’ainar said something like “business” to me, but what kind of business...

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“—have, hey! That’s why you shouldn’t ignore me! Get back here! Damn, somebody call Bro now! Bro! Bro! Brooo!”

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Well, it’s been a while since......

“Good Grief(Yare Yare)... I can hear you. Don’t yell people’s names in the street, it’s embarrassing, yeh.”

And that was when.


“...... Geh.”

Just as I was about to rebuke him for being too noisy, a man suddenly appeared and lightly swung his fist on baguette head.