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Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had only opened a while ago. Every night, without fail, Zhang Yuan went on stage and sang passionately. Still, there was no use. Although the atmosphere improved, the improvement was limited.

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As time went by, he sang less and less. Tonight, under the influence of alcohol, he went up on stage.

Zhang Yuan wasted no time exchanging pleasantries. He made the necessary adjustments and began singing. He did not sound perfect, but he sang pretty well. After all, regular singers at bars could not be that bad.

His low, hoarse voice echoed throughout the area.

In the past, Zhang Yuan always sang intense rock music. However, he very quickly realized that the audience was not playing along with him. They were not excited at all. Subsequently, he sang slower songs and ballads.

This way, at least the atmosphere would not be as awkward.

As Ma Yang sipped his alcohol, he listened to Zhang Yuan’s singing. He began to daydream. All of a sudden, he noticed a faint silhouette standing outside the glass panel. He was hesitating by the main entrance.

It was already nighttime. The internet cafe was brighter than outside. That meant that people could see clearly into the internet cafe from the outside. However, people inside could not see the outside environment that clearly.

Nevertheless, Ma Yang was sure he could see someone outside, pacing in front of the main entrance.

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“A new customer? He’s even hesitating outside. This means there’s a fighting chance!”

Ma Yang immediately perked up. Although he had already become the General Manager of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, who was to say that he was not allowed to persuade guests to come in?

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The manager held no airs as the General Manager at all.

He opened the entrance to the internet cafe with a warm expression. “Hey, Mister! Do you want to come in and play?”