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「Haa… Are you half asleep? You don’t have to comment on every little thing.」

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「I’m sorry, ahaha.」

Exchanging such small talk, I was astonished by Sid-san’s sense of combat.

(His entire body is like a spring and his superhuman reaction speed.)

And above all, his terrifying『ability to respond to any situation』.

Just now, after observing the battle between me and Idol, he clearly changed the way he fought.

At the Big Five Holy Festival, it was『Power』.

But now,『speed』and『finesse』was at the forefront.

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(I must not get caught up in his pace.)

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The basis of swordsmanship is to fight in your area of expertise.

Distance, Pace, Attack and Defense – Don’t let your opponent hold these things.

(With the next move… I’ll break his pace!)

I kicked the stone stage strongly and zeroed the distance in one step.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

Eight sharp slashes rushed towards Sid-san.

「Ha…! Naive!」

Some he parried, some he blocked, some he evaded – handling all the slashes deftly.