How to play online fast

How to play online fast

E-Sports was a new industry that was filled with controversy from the beginning. There were many hot topics on the internet. It was extremely easy to find some dirt.

He did not have to understand it too deeply. After all, he only wanted to shoot an E-Sports promotional video.

It was just like shooting a promotional video for a racing car. There was no need for him to really run the racing track and understand the specifications of the car, right?

Thus, Meng Chang spent some time looking for some information online and collecting some material.

What surprised him was that Tengda’s Fei Huang Workspace had even produced a documentary about the e-sports industry previously. At that time, it had caused quite a good response.

The documentary was called ‘Coming Out of the Cocoon as a Butterfly’. It mainly talked about the journey of a professional player who played Counter Strike.

He trained for at least 14 hours a day and rarely saw his friends and family. There were almost no holidays... His father locked him at home when he decided to play professionally. He was the one who kicked the door open and ran to Shanghai to start his career.

All in all, there was one thing that stood out: Hardship.

The entire documentary was very realistic, including interviews by the relevant personnel, the training base, and the actual scenes of the professional players’ hometown. All the details were there.

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Meng Chang believed in Fei Huang Workspace’s professionalism. This documentary was definitely realistic and the audience’s feedback proved that.

“Very good, this documentary saved me a lot of trouble.”

“I don’t have to spend a few more weeks on field research with such a film that allows me to understand the E-Sports industry better.”

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The Advertisement and marketing department had a lot of funds and was fully supportive of field inspection but Meng Chang was not interested in that.

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It had nothing to do with him no matter how much money the department had!

He just wanted to finish this publicity project as soon as possible and get his commission. He did not care about anything else.

The documentary was filmed in June 2010, about a year and a half ago.