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No matter what, he’s such a warm person. Although I almost wanted to cry, …I managed to suppress the feeling.

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So, after a moment of brewing, -I told him my wish.

“-Amano, …I really want to see you right now. No matter how.”



The other side of the phone replied to me with silence. It lasted for nearly 10 seconds.

…A passionate breath can be heard from the speaker.

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“…I see. I got it. …Well, I’ll tell Tendou-san that she doesn’t need to wait until White Day. I’ve already decided on my route.”

“Yep, even though I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please remain calm, Amano.”

I stopped Amano with my overwhelming instinct. However, of course, he doesn’t seem to be serious too. So, he concluded to me while sighing.

“Uh, in other words, you want me to hang out with you, right?”

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“Yeah, that’s partially right.”

“…Sigh, if that’s the case, I’m sorry. I’m still quite busy today. When it’s this sudden, I didn’t even prepare myself. It’ll take some time for me to go out. Moreover, I’m in the ‘I shouldn’t mess with anyone’ month right now-“


I interrupted Amano when he’s explaining. Then, I told him this calmly.

“Listen to me, I know what you mean. So, it’s fine for you to reject it. Although it’s okay, …at last, please let me tell you what’s happening here.”