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Katsuragi winced, unable to refute her point.

Although, that wasn’t the only reason why Sakayanagi had done this.

Originally, Totsuka wasn’t the only one who sided with Katsuragi. Even though she intended to mercilessly make an example out of Katsuragi for going against her, Totsuka’s expulsion would have an even larger impact on Class A.

It would instill the idea that, if you sided with Katsuragi, you would be the next to see yourself in Totsuka’s shoes.

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“Why would you do this in such an indirect way…?”

“Isn’t it only natural for someone to do their best to avoid expulsion? There are a lot of praise votes floating around from other classes in this exam. If Totsuka-kun had gone and gathered them from the other classes in order to save himself, I don’t believe we could’ve gotten him expelled.”

She couldn’t know for sure that another class wouldn’t just whimsically decide to save Totsuka.

However, if she singled out Katsuragi from the very beginning, nobody would bother to use their praise votes on Totsuka.

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“Thank you for your hard work, Totsuka-kun. Be sure to take care of yourself after you’ve left the school.”

“D-damn…! Dammit! Dammit…!”

Totsuka curled over as if he was about to collapse. Katsuragi couldn’t find the right words to comfort him.

Totsuka would have normally been overjoyed to find out Katsuragi wasn’t going to be expelled.

But now that he was being expelled himself, that didn’t matter anymore.

Instead, he could only feel resentment as he wondered why it had to be him instead of his friend.

If Katsuragi had gotten expelled, Totsuka Yahiko would’ve been able to stay in Class A. And while he would’ve been displeased with it, he would’ve followed Sakayanagi all the way until graduation. And then, he would’ve become successful in life.

Even though he felt guilty for it, he had already vaguely begun to imagine his wonderful future as a graduate from Class A.

But because of this sudden twist of fate, he had lost everything.