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Online part-time earning BU cloud IB speed 2

Chen Yufeng could not say anything else and immediately nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll make the arrangements now!”

Long Yu Corporation and Bunny Tail Live-Stream were very efficient. The contract was roughly done by noon the next day after a simple communication.

The reason why it was done so quickly was mainly because Long Yu Corporation was in a hurry.

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The ICL league had already begun its publicity. The venue and other preparations were basically done. Only the matter on its live-stream had not been finalized.

Those few live-streaming platforms had obviously guessed that Long Yu Corporation was in a hurry, so they deliberately delayed it, wanting to lower the price.

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However, what kind of temper did Eric have? Why would he spoil these people?

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Eric would not tolerate anything except for matters with Boss Pei where he had no choice.

After some consideration, Eric decided to forget it since all of the live-stream platforms wanted to lower the price and were so insincere!

In any case, it would be the same no matter which live-stream platform they sold it to. Boss Pei gave them a lot of money and guaranteed publicity. It was not a bad idea to cooperate.

In terms of strength alone, Bunny Tail Live-Stream could not compare to a few veteran live-streams. However, if Boss Pei really promised to use a portion of Tengda Corporation’s resources to advertise, the energy of Bunny Tail Live-Stream would definitely not be inferior to other platforms.

Thus, both sides quickly reached a consensus as Boss Pei was very tolerant of the price and conditions.

The main agreement in the contract was as such:

First of all, this was the exclusive broadcast contract. Only Bunny Tail Live-Stream could live-stream the ICL league. The price was the same as before. 35 million yuan.

Second, the contract required that Bunny Tail Live-Stream had to invest a large amount of resources to publicize the ICL league, both inside and outside the website. Of course, Long Yu Corporation would also spare no effort to promote the ICL league.

On top of that, if there were any unsolvable or special circumstances, such as insufficient bandwidth on the website, the impact of the live-streaming of the cartoon, and major public relations incidents, the party at fault would have to bear a certain loss while the other party could unconditionally terminate the contract. Of course, after terminating the cooperation, Long Yu Corporation would have to refund this sum of money according to the actual losses. At the same time, the exclusive broadcast rights would be terminated.