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I ended up getting punched. She’s quite brutal, and my cheeks hurt. Also, the waiter got scared away.

Aguri-san sighed. “Jeez.” Then, she leaned her body on the back of the seat and even drank the not-so-iced-anymore cold water instead of oolong tea.

I followed her and took a sip of my cold water. Then…


When the noise of the cups being put on the table overlapped again-


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-Aguri-san and I can’t hold our laughs anymore.

We laughed at each other carefreely for a while…Then, this time, we sincerely looked at each other’s eyes.

“Well, let’s start our emergency conference right now, alright, Amanocchi?”

“Alright, I understand, Aguri-san.”

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We used this overly innocent opportunity and returned to normal.

“Amanocchi. Firstly, I need to confirm this no matter what.”

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After the conference started, Aguri-san crossed her arms on the table and looked at me face-to-face.

“We…barely counts as not kissing each other, right?”