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“If you are truly going to pursue yourself despite the restrictions, then in these three years, you will be an existence that will be remembered by others.”

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“Becoming an unforgettable existence? It’s still possible for me to be expelled during the second and third years.”

“Even if you were involved in some number of incidents these three years and face the fate of dropping out, you will still remain in the memory of others. As long as there are students looking back at the three years and thinking that “The existence of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is truly great,” I think it can already be considered a success.”

The elder Horikita said it once more, and I felt his words slowly sinking into my heart.

“I understand….yeah. I will think about this more carefully.”

That was the best answer I can give right now, according the extent of my capabilities.

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“That’s alright. The answer to this question is not something I have to reach, it is something you, Ayanokouji, have to figure out yourself.”

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No matter if it was about issues of the student council led by Nagumo, the younger Horikita, or the school itself.

The final decision was mine.

This world was full of ingredients which would allow growth. Wherever it is, there are always reminders to improve yourself.

This was also the case with the elder Horikita. Even if I spent my school life silently, there would undoubtedly be something I left behind.

I wanted memories.

Random memories which could make me feel happy.

At the beginning, I was satisfied with what I was. So in the past year, I’ve tried my best to live a quiet life.

But this might not be the correct answer. There had to be a meaning for me to come to this school. And so because of this.

“This has somehow turned into some cheesy lecture even until the end. Forgive me.”

“No, I think these are the most meaningful words an upperclassman has ever spoken to me as an underclassman.”

You leaving, it made me feel a bit lonely.

I swallowed this sentence as soon as it reached my lips.