What is the true work on the Internet?

What is the true work on the Internet?

“Um…if you are going out, I might need some energy drinks. Ah, b-but, you don’t need to buy it if you’re busy! Just get it when you have time!”

She seems very sorry when she frantically asked me that. This child…! You don’t need to feel guilty when you’ve worked so hard. This isn’t a problem for your Fami-getting and lazy sister! Konoha is really an angel! She’s way ahead of the gaming otaku in front of her!

I patted my chest even though it’s not my style and answered, “I got it!” Then, I choked and coughed as I walked towards the door.

During this time, I heard Konoha’s voice again.

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“Right, sis, can I borrow your PC while you’re out?”

“Huh? Um, sure, but why? How about your laptop?”

I tied my shoelaces as I asked, and then Konoha answered with a sigh.

“Right. Actually, I wanted to watch videos, but my laptop won’t behave when the video got too much action happening in it.”

“I got it. By the way, Konoha, what videos are you watching?”

“Oh, I’m watching the BALDR series’s OP-“ [Note: Not sure what that is, but probably hentai.]


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Strange. Konoha just said something that a model student probably wouldn’t know. I turned my head to her, and then Konoha freaked out for some reason. She explained to me once again while blinking weirdly.

“I-I want to watch my favorite band’s new promotional video! Yes!”

“Ohhhh…a band’s promotional video…”