Is it true that using a mobile phone to make money plus WeChat is true?

Is it true that using a mobile phone to make money plus WeChat is true?

Pei Qian hung up silently.

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I thought this was a money-burning tree. I completely misunderstood you!

Pei Qian was a little regretful. If he had known that this would happen, he would have opened a few more shops. He would have lost some money!

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However, on further thought, that was not right. If he had opened more shops earlier, these shops would have made money together...

Now, there was only one restaurant. No matter how much they earned, they would only earn a few hundred thousand yuan each month if they were earning like foreign fast food brands.

Fast food restaurants had high turnover and they had relatively low margins after all. The cost of raw materials, rent, utilities, employee salaries, and the like were fixed.

Earning a few hundred thousand yuan a month was no longer a big deal to Pei Qian, who was no longer worried.

It was meaningless to fight the Cold-Faced Lady to the death with the settlement date. He had to hurry up and look at the industries that he needed to care about!

On the other hand, Qi Yan looked at the black screen of her cell phone and asked suspiciously, “Boss Pei?”

He hung up without any warning?

Qi Yan would have thought that Boss Pei was angry if not for the fact that everything was going well with the Cold-Faced Lady.

“Indeed, Boss Pei expected the Cold-Faced Lady’s losses to turn into profits. He just has to ask and understand the situation. There’s no need to waste his breath.”

“He’s a magnanimous entrepreneur to be able to go with the flow.”

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“However, this also means that... everything within Boss Pei’s plan. I thought that I had done many things, but I did not surprise Boss Pei at all.”

“It looks like I have to continue working hard. The Cold-Faced Lady’s current level is far from enough to make Boss Pei look at me in a new light. I should follow Rui Yuchen’s instructions and continue to carry out Boss Pei’s plan. I have to continue managing the Cold-Faced Lady brand and opening more shops!”

Qi Yan silently made up her mind.

The talents of Tengda’s various departments were too outstanding. First, she met Rui Yuchen from Fish-Catching Take-Out, then Zhang Yahui, Bao Xu, and Liang Qingfan from the snack market.

Everyone was much more outstanding than her.