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“…… hmm? What…… eh? That’s…”

Jamdi’el was unharmed… but the clothes weren’t safe… the High Priestess robe she wore was torn to shreds… what’s that? The skirt was subtly torn and slightly protruding from underneath is… panties, isn’t it? Iron panties? Armor?

When I looked closely, I felt like it was some magic item…

『Oi, run!』

“S, sorry, but she’s equipped with something weird… is that a magic item or something?”

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『Tis just a chastity belt.』


『Pay it no mind, just run!』


I was a little taken aback by something I had never seen before, but I looked forward again and ran.

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“So, she’s unharmed, but is that okay? For a while… I thought at least a little…”

『Tis fine. The purpose is not to defeat her. Merely break her composure. Furthermore, with the combination of the breakthroughs state and heraldic eye activation, we succeeded in making her exert a great deal of magical power.』

It was a little shocking that the shockwave of the Great Magic Spiral left her intact, but Tre’ainar grinned, “Well done”.

“Hey, we’re running out of forest!”