2018 mobile phone online earning software big summary

2018 mobile phone online earning software big summary

“I heard that after I left, the traffic in the internet cafe deteriorated significantly. However, Boss Pei never looked for me again. He must have hoped that this bad news would not affect me.

“That’s why I wrote this song, in remembrance of that unforgettable period in my life.

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“For this chance to come on the stage of The Voice of China, I really want to thank Boss Pei, Boss Ma, and everyone at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Thank you all for allowing me to go down this path. To me, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe will always be like home!”

The teachers began to clap.

“Oh my! I thought that this was a touching love story. I never imagined that this would be a story about your dreams!”

“That was very well said. I am very moved. It made me think about when I was at a particularly low point in my life. It was also the little things that brought me the most warmth…”

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“Don’t worry, Chen Lei. I promise you that you have already become famous! Join my team. Next year, I have more than twenty shows around the country.”

“Stop, stop, stop. It’s not time to fight for him yet. Just wait a while! Chen Lei, four teachers have turned around. You’ve made it to the next stage. What do you plan to do from now on?”

Without any hesitation, Chen Lei said, “I want to go to Jingzhou and sing a couple of songs at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. I want to tell them right here and now that I miss them.”

There was a blissful, bright smile on Chen Lei’s face.

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Bam! The screen went black.

Pei Qian switched it off.

The moment the screen went off, Li Shi’s heart sank. It was almost as if his heart had fallen straight onto the floor and broken into a thousand different pieces. In the darkness, Boss Pei’s back view resembled a huge beast. He looked like he was going to swallow the rich at any moment!