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SUG and FRY’s match was played yesterday. SUG won third place. Even though from the point of view of the result, SUG’s strength was also significantly higher than that of FRY; it was 3:1 after all.

Therefore, most people think that the contention of today’s competition should be between EK and H4!

Moreover, Huang Wang and Jiang Huan—the former captains of DGE Club—successfully rallied forces to the finals, which had increased the popularity of the DGE Club.

Pei Qian sat below the stage while wearing a black mask. He only dared to push a straw underneath his mask to take a secret sip after he realized that people were not paying attention to him.

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Pei Qian finally managed to convince He An without giving himself away at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe the day before yesterday.

Pei Qian had been in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe all day during Friday and Saturday, during which about a dozen people asked him for photographs and autographs.

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Everyone treated him as Boss Pei’s actor so they did not trouble him anymore after they took a photo with him

Pei Qian felt that this situation was acceptable so he decided to watch the finals today.

However, considering that almost all the Tengda players were at the game, it was next to impossible not to be recognized. Pei Qian, therefore, put on a mask in a bid to significantly reduce the risk of being discovered.

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Soon, the two commentators began their commentary on the analysis of the game; the warm-up and the promotional video were also being broadcasted on the big screen.

The competition had officially started!

The audiences cheered for the two teams in accordance with the previously agreed rules.

“Do your best, EK!”

“Do your best, H4!”

“Do your best, DGE!!!”

The entire audience suddenly cheered on DGE together after they cheered on the other two teams. Those voices turned out to be louder than the previous.

Pei Qian: “...”