Is there a part-time job that doesn't go out to make money?

Is there a part-time job that doesn't go out to make money?

Kushida had been carefully choosing her words to be as polite as possible ever since she arrived at my room.

That way there wouldn’t be any fault with her behavior, even in the off chance that something went wrong later on.

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“For you to determine it with just that… Not bad.”

Kushida took out her cell phone, letting me see the screen as she stopped the recording.

“Well, the recording is over. Ahhh, how uncomfortable.”

With that, Kushida completely did away with the gentle atmosphere that had been filling the room.

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“I was vaguely aware of this already, but you helped Horikita-san back then, didn’t you?”

“I’ll admit that I gave Horikita some ideas.”

“Well, let’s just put that aside for now. I’ll always be able to hear about it when we’re done with this.”

She said, taking us back to the topic at hand.

“So, how do you intend to use another person’s personal information to stop the rumors about Ichinose-san?”

Getting to the point, Kushida switched gears and adopted a listening posture.