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"Then why do you obey Sakayanagi?".

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"Doesn't matter why, right?".

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"If you're not doing it out of goodwill then that must mean she's grabbed you by your weakness".

"...what are you trying to say?"

"I'll report the clumsy nature of her tailing to Sakayanagi. If I do that, your inability to act as her arms and legs will be exposed and that weakness of yours she's grabbed hold of may come to affect you later".

"So you're threatening me. You're threatening me too".

'Too', huh? Looks like Sakayanagi's not just using Kamuro, she's also grabbed hold of some weakness of hers. I just asked her a leading question but to think she'd fall for the bait this hard.

"What's with you? Isn't it strange that Sakayanagi's targeting you?".

"Don't know. I haven't a clue".

It appears Kamuro doesn't know about Sakayanagi's true intentions either. I've obtained at least one answer.

"You're the Class D student Ryuuen's looking for, right? That's the only thing that comes to mind".

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"What'll you do then?".

I did not deny it. In the first place, since Sakayanagi knows about my past, it doesn't matter how I try to cover it up anyways.

"You're threatening me but if I ever feel like it, I can also tip Ryuuen off".