Online course counseling to make money

Online course counseling to make money

“If Boss Ma is so rich, why is he advertising?”

“Are they promoting some high-end luxury goods?”

“What is this? It looks like a pencil, eraser, and solid glue?”

“What the hell?”

The audience was stunned.

They had not expected Boss Ma to introduce items at the start of the live-stream. What was that supposed to mean?

Ma Yang ignored the bullet screen comments and read his script.

“Today, I’ll show everyone a few items that you must not buy.

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“These pencils and erasers have high levels of polycyclic hydrocarbons; these table pads and folders are overpriced; these solid glues contain a large amount of formaldehyde; these plastic books have high levels of polycyclic hydrocarbons and benzodiazepines...”

The professional team’s script was very detailed. It included the brands of the learning supplies, the purchase method, the testing reports from the professional testing laboratory, and so on. Everything was complete.

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The beginning of the live-stream was a simple summary.

However, every item would then be introduced in detail, with emphasis on the toxic and harmful substances that could cause harm to one’s health.

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Among these products, some did not have clear brand names but had corresponding sales channels, and had brands. Ma Yang spoke the names of the brands without attempting to hide anything.