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“Ultimate Skill: War Expert “Bao Xu in real life is an expert at games. Traveler Bao Xu is a war expert. Activate ult in a non-rage state, and the energetic effect would be improved. The effect can be superimposed with the second skill and the rage state.

“Rage value recovery speed will be greatly increased during the ult activation. The surrounding enemies will periodically refresh weaknesses randomly, and Bao Xu’s damage will be significantly increased.”

Pei Qian could not help but sigh after reading the introduction of this hero.

How befitting...

Wasn’t this the burden Bao Xu who always wanted to escape from holidays and give him a stab in the back immediately after his trip?

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He felt offended.

However, Pei Qian’s thoughts changed since this hero seemed to be controlled by Modest. It needs to refresh its weaknesses or attack from the back to maximize its damage, and Modest was immune to injury when it suffered an attack from the back while also releasing damage skills.

In addition, Traveler Bao Xu needed to keep moving since he would still be affected by area damage in stealth mode. Modest had limited movement skills and area damage skills.

Pei Qian could not help but feel a little delighted when he thought about that.

Bao Xu, eh Bao Xu, you ain’t my opponent no matter in real life or in-game!

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He had to say that the players had brilliant thinking. They actually designed Tengda’s employees as heroes!

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Pei Qian flipped through a few sections and found that many people had sent their designs; some of them were excellent.

There might be no corresponding design for Traveler Bao Xu, but Min Jingchao chose it as the next hero because of its skills and mechanism.